McCain Fresh Food Ready to Eat In 3 Minutes

Fresh Food In 3 Minutes

  • It is our constant endeavour to produce food that is delicious, nutritious and convenient.
  • Our products are pre-prepared and par-fried, thus, saving you the time and effort of washing, peeling and cutting.
  • All our products can be made in just 3 minutes, if fried. Just take out from the freezer, cook and serve a fresh snack.
100% Natural

Better Nutrition, Better For You

  • We believe that good food, frozen or otherwise, starts with real ingredients.
  • McCain potato products are made from all natural ingredients.
  • We use specially selected potatoes, real cheese and authentic spices in our products.
  • The freezing process helps to naturally preserve nutrients and quality when food is frozen at its peak.
  • We use advanced freezing technology that helps retain the freshness of food.
Better Potatoes

Better Potatoes

  • We strive to use the 'best' potatoes, possessing certain special characteristics to make McCain potato products.
  • These specially grown, superior quality, high solid potatoes ensure you get a crisp and delicious taste in every bite!