Strong Foundations

Caring for Our Family

We believe that quality food can be made using environmentally friendly and recognizable ingredients that promote a balanced diet. Our packaging clearly mentions the nutritional profile to aid in decision making.


Targeting zero incidents at work.

At McCain, we are committed to significant and continuous improvement in protecting our employees, contractors, and visitors. We demonstrate our commitment to safety through the following beliefs and actions:

  • Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for.
  • Safety can, and must, be managed.
  • Every injury, could, and should, have been prevented.
  • We owe ourselves and each other a safe place to work.
  • Our safety brand encourages safety not just for us but also for family as well.
  • Our vision statement guides us to target Zero incidents in safety inspiring us to commit to it.

“We believe all incidents are preventable when we take the time to perform our jobs safely. We believe in our company, our team and each other. At McCain, safety is a way of life…”


Striving towards inclusion across the work force.

Diversity & inclusion is an integral part of our culture fostering success and a sense of belonging now and for generations to come. We achieve this by promoting a culture of engagement, building a diverse organizational all levels, and by hosting awareness sessions for employees.

  • Adhering to our global D&I strategy In India our vision is to become a best in class D&I organization in India by 2025.
  • Guided by the Women@McCain program, we’ve undertaken initiatives such as Prevention Of Sexual Harassment(POSH), Gender Sensitization and Coaching Circle, which enables us to create a truly gender diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Our equal opportunity employer policy supports to include disability.
  • We have action plans that guide us to bridge the gap and explore opportunities to bring in more diversity and inclusion in gender, ethnicity, disabilities, and other under-represented employee groups.
  • Employee Resource Groups are formed to support our teams on specific challenges, Trainings like Unconscious bias and You Inc are also organized so as to build inclusive organization.
  • Our belief in creating an inclusive workplace has also guided us to start our CSR project – Project Shakti which also focuses on gender sensitization.


Zero tolerance for corruption or human right abuses.

As a global company, we believe that good ethics is good business. At McCain our Code of conduct illustrates how our values and our commitment to lawful and ethical conduct, in all our affairs, guides our decision making. We implement the code in accordance with local laws which affects our decision and actions.

  • We have zero tolerance for corruption and human rights abuse and we believe in ethical and lawful conduct.
  • We have zero tolerance for harassment or bias and our employees undergo yearly training as per our Code of Conduct to ensure a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all.
  • We believe every employee, customer, consumer, supplier, business partner and community member should be treated with fairness, honesty, tolerance, dignity, and respect.
  • We provide equal opportunities to all our employees and expect them to treat each other with respect, dignity and stay true to our core values.


Fair compensation for all McCain employees.

  • We believe all our employees should receive fair compensation.
  • In the spirit of fairness, our compensation is based on merit and market data.
  • We ensure health and retirement benefits in compliance with government standards and basis market practice.


Striving towards inclusion across the work force

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