McCain For Sustainability

Global Sustainability Strategy

At McCain India, our goal is to reduce the impact on the planet, by producing delicious food in a sustainable and responsible manner.

We believe that tasty and healthy food can be farmed using planet- friendly methods that encourage the use of more renewable energy and thriving communities to be resilient and competitive and facilitate the preservation of the planet.

Global Sustainability Strategy

Our Strong Foundations

Our people are at the heart of our business. As a family of over 550 employees, we’re dedicated to fostering a safe, inclusive, ethical and supportive workplace where people can thrive.


Targeting zero incidents at work.


Striving towards inclusion across the work force.


Zero tolerance for corruption or human right abuses.


Fair compensation for all McCain employees.

Our Pillars

Smart and Sustainable Farming

Our innovative practices are aimed at improving agricultural resource efficiency by partnering with Farmers for water usage efficiency and educating farmers on various farm operating practices.

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Resource Efficient Operations

We aim to implement a zero waste model by using 100% recyclable materials. This allows for efficient resource operations by means of 100% renewable energy that reduces CO2 emissions.

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Good Food

We believe that quality food can be made using environmentally friendly and recognizable ingredients that promote a balanced diet. Our packaging clearly mentions the nutritional profile to aid in decision making.

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Thriving Communities

Developing longterm connections within communities that empower employees and growers to thrive professionally and personally with the support of right skills and tools. Our partnerships focus on creating thriving communities and sustainable livelihood.

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Our alignment to Sustainable Development Goals



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