Improving agricultural resource efficiency and adapting to climate change

Our innovative practices are aimed at improving agricultural resource efficiency by partnering with Farmers for water usage efficiency and educating farmers on various farm operating practices.

Mitigating climate change

  1. We source our potatoes from local farmers to reduce CO2 emissions due to transportation, storage, and freight.
  2. We focus on optimizing the use of fertilizers through strategic placement and increasing the use of nutrient restoring cover crops.
  3. We encourage our storage partners to adapt renewable energy sources like solar PV to reduce CO2 footprint.

Sustainable water usage

  1. We promote sustainable water practices with all our growers.
  2. We encourage our growers to opt for drip and sprinkler irrigation as opposed to flood irrigation to ensure water efficiency usage.
  3. 100% of our existing growers use these systems.

Good agricultural practices

  1. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is a recognized on-farm food safety and sustainability program. Our growers are encouraged to employ GAP to ensure food safety, traceability, environmental sustainability, biodiversity and soil health.
  2. More than 1/3rd of our contracted volume of potato is grown under the GAP scheme.

Innovation and technology

  1. Our farming practices are constantly evolving through the usage of new and recent technologies.
  2. We use the latest machinery to support our farming practices.
  3. We are working on developing a model farm, which will be based on Good Agricultural Practices, Sustainability, and Profitability.

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