Co-creating positive change for sustainable livelihoods.

Our communities are the foundation of our business and we are committed to building long-term, trusted connections with our growers, communities, and employees. We intend to create sustainable livelihoods and maintain them through the competitiveness, resilience, and long-term development of these communities.

Future-proofing rural livelihoods through agricultural development

  1. We work with more than 600 growers whom we consider part of our family.
  2. We empower our growers with training, knowledge and new technology pertaining to precision farming, data-driven agriculture, pest management, storage practices, and post-harvest handling practices.
  3. Succession planning is vital for growers and the future of farming. 11% of total McCain growers in India are younger than 35 years old and we continue to encourage them to get involved in agriculture and grow with us.
  4. Our 22 country agricultural experts worked closely with 651 Indian growers, whom we provided more than 600 hours of training in 2019.
  5. We offer technical training to our growers’ partner with the aid of multinational irrigation and Agri input companies  

Partnerships for community development

  1. Being a socially responsible company, we care for the communities we work in. We have piloted two projects in two districts of Gujarat-Mehsana and Sabarkatha.
  2. In 2017 we initiated Project Shakti in district Mehsana, to empower women through livelihoods and knowledge transfer in 4 villages and build conversations around gender diversity. More than 400 women are a part of this project through Self Help Groups (SHG), and our goal is to reach at least 1000 women through SHGs by 2025.
  3. Project Utthan, piloted in 2019, aims to generate income for small and marginal farmers in District Sabarkatha via improved agriculture methods and livestock management. This project covers 4 villages and more than 100 small and marginal farmers. Our endeavor is to reach at least 1000 farmers directly.
  4. We actively participate in disaster relief operations to help our country in times of need. McCain India contributes to national and state funds for natural disasters. Our employees also contribute to such operations through financial and physical contributions.
  5. Through various initiatives such as the distribution of food items, masks, and other essentials, our Covid-19 relief operations have reached more than 1000 people. We installed handwashing stations in project villages, as well as distributed McCain products through food banks. McCain and its employees donated to national and state funds for disaster relief.

Enhancing the development of McCain team members

  1. We believe that providing multiple skills can provide our employees with more benefits that help them lead their communities better.
  2. Internal and external experts provide our employees with various tools, eLearning programs, and interventions that enable them to empower their communities. We believe people learn best through on-the-job experiences, stretch assignments, peer learning, open feedback, training, and coaching.

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